• Image of Vito "Sharky" Finzetti "GID Edition"

We have all heard the phrase 'Movie Magic' and I think we all can agree that some movies can truely be magical.

But, have you ever wondered where this magic comes from?

What do films like E.T., Apocalyse Now, Meatballs,Taxi driver, 8 1/2, Holy Mountain & The Vinyl Frontier have in common? - a little friend named Vito.

A well guarded secret until now, Vito 'Sharky' Finzetti is a mystical sea creature that most recently has taken the form of a shark. He holds a power that can not even be fully understood by today's top minds, but there is no mistaking the strength he possess. The evidence always ends up on the silver screen.

He brings his wisdom & magic to all the film locations he visits and now he can also bring some to you.

Available for the first time, with cooperation by The Vinyl Frontier, MCA of Evil Design & Toy Qube, we present to you, Vito 'Sharky' Finzetti!

This is the Glow in the Dark Editon of Vito "Sharky" Finzetti and is limited to only 100 pieces.